About Gaetano Sacco

biking-coba-gaetano-sacco-compressorGaetano Sacco’s passion for helping people is at the forefront of his life both from a personal and professional standpoint. His first stint with philanthropic activity began when he was studying at the Pennsylvania State University.


The Four Diamonds Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids with pediatric cancer get the best treatment available while also funding the search for a cure. Each year, students gather at the Penn State University Park campus to dance for 46 hours non-stop to celebrate a year of fundraising for the kids. Gaetano Sacco served as a chairperson on the committee for his fraternity. This engagement lasted for two years while studying at Penn State. Today, he can proudly say he served as one of four members of Pi Kappa Alpha and Alpha Omicron Pi that participated in an over 200-person Thon team. Together, they danced in the marathon of 2008. That year, the Greek tandem raised approximately $110,000 for their sponsored nine-year old child, Eli and his family. This ranked them seventh overall at Penn State University of the over 80 Greek organizations that participated in fundraising. To learn more about Thon, please go to www.Thon.org.

The Catholic Church

Upon graduation, he has volunteered his time with many organizations in his local community, particularly with the Catholic Church. The Saints Peters and Paul Church located in Hoboken, NJ has a variety of events throughout the year that Gaetano has joined committees to support. Whether it’s planning the annual Gala or organizing monthly social gatherings as the Events Committee Chairperson, Gaetano Sacco’s involvement has kept him grounded. This spare time activity has offset his otherwise very busy work week.

The Waterfront Project

He also is a supporter of the Waterfront Project, a not-for-profit organization. This group empowers the individuals and families of Hudson County who are low-income, homeless, and otherwise considered disadvantaged. They receive help through legal counsel, referrals, and representation in civil legal matters. This year will be his second consecutive year as a member of their Spring Fundraiser committee, spending much of his focus on their silent auction.

Gaetano Sacco has managed to supplement his work life in the financial services industry with other activities that benefit various causes for overall greater good. This balance has not only assisted those in need but has helped him to realize his role in helping humanity. Although he has actively contributed to Thon, the Waterfront Project, and Saint Peter’s and Paul Church, there is no telling where Gaetano Sacco will lend a hand next.